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Bauer_Polyfass P81_mit_Traktor_Frankreich_MontBlanc_BeaufortKaese
Beaufort in France

Delicious cheese from the foot of Mont Blanc

In order for the famous Beaufort cheeses to meet the expectations of connoisseurs the world over, it takes family farms like that of André Blanc-Gonnet – and agricultural technology from Bauer.

One key ingredient for the special flavor of Beaufort cheese is the diversity of alpine plants. This is why it requires cows that are capable of feeding in the steep terrain of the Alps. André Blanc-Gonnet’s 120 Tarentaise cattle have just this ability. With his sons Robyn and Valentin, he has run his family farm in the heart of Beaufort, at the feet of Mont Blanc, since 1987. The farm encompasses 64 hectares in the valley and over 300 hectares of mountain meadows at 2000 meters elevation, where the cows spend over six months of the year.

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Bauer_Güllefass P81_Frankreich_MontBlanc_BeaufortKaese
Exceptionally well designed

A convincing technology

“There are a number of Bauer steel tankers in our region, meaning that we are already familiar with Bauer performance and quality,” says André Blanc-Gonnet, explaining the decision to purchase the new and "exceptionally well designed” tanker. Bauer polyester tankers feature a special gel coat that perfectly protects the tank from UV radiation. The eccentric screw pump installed on the tanker was also an important factor in the decision: “It prevents the foaming of the slurry so that the tank can always be filled completely full,” states Blanc-Gonnet. The slurry distributor mounted to the tanker offers plenty of flexibility with its two rotational directions.

“As we have now used the tanker for a full year, we can say that we are very satisfied. It saves us time and makes us more efficient,” says a pleased André Blanc-Gonnet. The purchase of a separator through the Vullien company – the dedicated Bauer representative in Savoyen – is already under consideration.

Bauer_Polyfass P81_André Blanc-Gonnet_Frankreich_MontBlanc_BeaufortKaese
Tanker. Pump. Mixer.

Efficient with BAUER

The agricultural technology from Bauer helps ensure that the farm runs efficiently: At the start of 2019, a Bauer single-axle polyester tanker 81 with 8700 liters capacity was purchased. In addition, the Blanc-Gonnet family already owns a Bauer long-shaft pump LE, which is now used to fill the tanker as well. A Bauer slalom mixer MSXH is also operated on the farm twice a day in the 900 cubic meter slurry pit.

“Bauer simply wrote the book on slurry handling. We are toying with the idea of also purchasing a separator. Separated slurry is easier on the plants, and emission losses are reduced. Both the quality of the alpine vegetation and the yield increase. Moreover, the separated slurry does not stick as much to the grass, meaning that the feed is harvested cleanly.”

André Blanc-Gonnet (on the left with his son Valentin)