Optimal flexibility for every operation

  • Large performance range
  • Easy to handle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Slow reverse
  • Variable jet angle

New standards in handling and performance

  • BAUER wide range sprinklers have been designed specifically for modern, energy-minded irrigation management and set new standards in handling and  performance
  • The sprinklers are equally suited for every type of irrigation system because of a special drive system which breaks up the water jet into an effective spray that does not harm the crops, through all pressure ranges.
  • Operation is simple and requires no adjustment. Bauer wide range sprinklers respond to fluctuating pressure conditions and varying nozzle sizes and adjust automatically.
  • A wide range sprinkler with unmatched versatility so far.

VARI-ANGLE - effective irrigation even in windy conditions

  • With the VARI-ANGLE the trajectory of the water jet can be adjusted infinitely between 10° and 28°.
  • In windy conditions a flat jet parabola reduces water drift and increases irrigation efficiency substantially
  • Standard sprinklers come with a 24° trajectory.

Energy saving

  • The already high utility value of the unit is increased by a system using an interval diffusor
  • Depending on the crop even at low operating pressures the sprinklers provide good resluts.
  • In addition one or two diffusors can be added to the sprinkler and their operation can be individually adjusted
  • The diffusor enables energy savings in connection with a reduction of operating costs

Dynamic interval diffusor

  • With the dynamic interval diffusor the jet break-up can be influenced and the sprinkler adjusts to the different operating conditions in all pressure ranges.
  • In general, the diffusor increases the jet break-up and provides a gentle precipitation for vegetables and other crops
  • For sector sprinklers the interval diffuser is recommended

Maintenance Free Operation

  • Due to the use of high quality and wear-resistant materials the whole machine is virtually maintenance free
  • The modern construction comes without any parts which are susceptible to faults, e.g ball-bearing, which could get rusty in humid conditions and cause a shut down and high repair costs.    
  • A further reason to choose the BAUER wide range sprinkler

Automatic brake force regulation

  • The self regulating system adjusts its brake force in relation to the respective operating pressure
  • Thereby the sprinkler always achieves a regular and compensated rotation speed adjusted to the operating pressure - a requirement for good water distribution
  • The automatic brake system contributes significantly to the outstanding operating characteristics at all pressure levels

Automatic adjustment

  • Pressure fluctuation and nozzle change are no longer a problem as manual adjustments are no longer necessary. 
  • The innovative drive adjusts automatically to any changes in the operating conditions and gives the sprinkler its flexibility

Slow reverse

  • Sprinkler operation is smooth and nearly vibration-free. The slow reverse has the advantage that the sprinkler cart of the irrigation machine does not run off track and the danger of tilting is reduced.  
  • The balanced mode of operation makes the sprinkler perfectly applicable as an end gun for pivots, but is also suitable for fixed and flexible irrigation units.

Excellent distribution

  • Due to the special drive, a better and more effective jet break-up is provided
  • Excellent operation in all pressure ranges
  • Furthermore, the water-jet is widely dispersed by the drive system at the start-up of the sprinkler
  • Since the water jet is not in a heavily concentrated stream, the sprinkler largely avoids the creation of furrows during irrigation
  • Due to the fact that the water distribution is highly consistent, additional nozzles, as often used, are not necessary