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Municipal- and Special Tankers by BAUER

Our slurry tanker product range also offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for municipal and industrial applications. Whether watering city gardens, fighting fires in state forests, extracting liquids from industrial plants, transporting liquids with hook-lift trucks or watering stations in remote pastures - our slurry tankers are versatile.



BAUER Quality

Watering Tanker for Pastures

Watering Tanker TF11

Universal, sturdy watering tanker of a steel tank hot galvanized inside and outside.
Contents 1,100 litres. Central watering trough at the back, filling flange at the top Ø150mm with swivelling lid and eyebolt.

Running axle and road tyres 165/70R

Stationärfass 2100
For forklift transportation

Stationary Tanker STV20

Industrial plants often require simple suction units from containers, tubs or channels. The stationary tanker can suck in even liquid media via the electrically driven original Bauer compressor and discharge them via the discharge gate. By means of the forklift brackets, the stationary tanker can be transported safely with pallet forks. With a capacity of 2,100 litres, it is dimensioned for forklift transport as well as for the frequently required volumes. Cleaning and removal of foreign bodies, for example, can be carried out via the fully opening, swing-out tanker base (lid). The vacuum system makes the unit insensitive to stones and foreign bodies of any kind. Required power supply: 340V/32A/7.5kW.



Municipal Tanker

This industrial tanker stands out by its individual configuration for the special application. Based on the combi tanker, it can be extended by numerous features. Equipment such as a high-speed gear 80 km/h, sewer flushing rat or 2 separate tank volumes are, among other things, frequently selected options.

Ideal for:

  • Sewer flushing
  • Street cleaning
  • Plant watering
For hook lift

Roll-off Tanker

Hook lift tanks offer the possibility to flexibly switch between different transporters. We mount steel tankers and accessories onto the standardised frames according to individual requirements. Tanker sizes ranging from 8,000 – 15,000 litres are among our most frequently produced types.


According to your specifications

Special Tankers

We manufacture steel tankers according to your specifications.

  • Volumes up to 30,000 litres
  • Diameters from 1100 mm to 2400 mm
  • Vacuum ‑1 bar / overpressure +0.5 bar
  • Standard- or special flanges
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