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Separator S655/855

The S655 and S855 separators are the flagships of the Bauer separator fleet and have been working in all markets around the world for more than two decades. Proven and tested many times, they are the ideal solution for users with medium to high slurry or waste volumes. These BAUER separators are frequently used in agriculture as well as in industry (food or pharmaceutical industry) or slaughterhouses.

Bauer Separator S855 Neuseeland
Proven a thousand times over

The facts

  • High-precision components
  • Constant high throughput
  • Low wear costs through long service life
  • Simple setting
  • Low maintenance required
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Separator S655 & S855

Profitable benefits

The advantages of separation are obvious: the storage capacity of the waste or slurry and the associated transport volume are reduced by up to 30 %. The efficient use of nutrients from the liquid and solid phases allows savings on mineral fertiliser.

The 490 kg machine separates 10 to 25 m³ (S 655) or 15 to 35 m³ (S 855) of substrate in one hour and ensures an energy-efficient separation of the farm manure. The liquid phase (70 - 85%) is best appropriate for spreading via tube- and hose systems. The solid phase (15 - 30%) - self-composting, odourless, stackable and therefore easy to store - can be sold as fertiliser or compost.

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High-quality components
Possible applications
Screens and accessories
High-quality components

High-quality components

BAUER separators are known for their excellent quality in both their workmanship and their materials.

  • Screw and screen basket of stainless steel
  • Housing of cast iron
  • Discharge regulator of stainless steel with 4 weights
  • Mounting frame for installation on floor made of stainless steel
  • Multi-range gearmotor 5.5 kW, 400 V / 50 Hz
Possible applications

Possible applications

The S655/855 can be used in many different ways:

  • In agriculture: for cattle-, pig and chicken slurry
  • In biogas plants for the separation before or after fermentation
  • In the food industry: for the separation of vegetable waste
  • In slaughterhouses for the separation of rumen contents
  • In the pharmaceutical industry for the separation of poppy seed pulp
  • In distilleries
Screens and accessories

Screens and accessories

It is possible to use screen baskets with five different openings from 0.25 to 1.00 mm.

In addition, the S655/S855 can be equipped with different accessories such as mouthpiece extensions or various control units.

Great Job

Technical Data Separator S655/S855

ModelCattle slurry up to m³/hPig slurry up to m³/hPoultry slurry up to m³/h
S 655202510
S 855303515
Throughput depends on age, dry matter content, and viscosity of the raw slurry.
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