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BAUER Agitation Technology

Since the appearance of agricultural structures, people have known about the importance of organic sources of fertilizer. Liquid manure has always been one of the most valuable natural fertilizers. Well-agitated slurry guarantees even nutrient distribution - which means optimal growth and increased yield. Optimum homogenisation of fluid media in agriculture, biogas- and sewage plants but also in the industrial sector.

high efficiency

enormous stirring power

easy installation

Tauchmotorrührwerk frei_grau
BAUER Submersible Motor Mixer

Optimal design & high-quality materials

A special concept with the motor and propeller shafts lying on the same axis provides high efficiency. The slim, flow-optimised design resulting thereof further increases efficiency. The propeller shaft is strongly dimensioned and equipped with angular contact roller bearings. The ingenious oil distribution system ensures perfect lubrication of the gearbox at an inclination angle of +/- 30°. Seal probes are standard equipment on the MSXH models.

BAUER Submersible Motor Mixer

Robust planetary reduction gearbox

A central element of the submersible mixer is the planetary gearbox. Several highly hardened and ground toothed wheels are engaged simultaneously which reduces friction and saves electricity. In combination with the large mixer blade and special stirring edges a high degree of efficiency is achieved.

  • Enormous mixing capacity
  • High efficiency
  • For all pit sizes
  • Simple installation

Technical Data Submersible Mixer MSX/MSXH

Output kW5,57,58,6111112,615
Voltage V400400240/480400400240/480400
Frequency Hz50506050506050
Mixing power* m³/h2.8003.6003.9005.2005.7005.7006.800
Pit volume* m³9001.4001.5002.2002.4002.4002.800
Propeller min-1315315378315208378315
Weight kg175195195205205205225
BAUER Submersible Motor Mixer

Motor, cable, propeller – A TOP-TEAM.

Powerful three-phase submersible motor 

Thermal protection installed in the motor guarantees total safety in the event of phase failure, overvoltage, undervoltage and overload. Media temperature MSX–40 °C / MSXH–65 °C.

Special shaft sealing

Two high-quality mechanical seals guarantee trouble-free operation and a long service life.

Strong rubber cable

With its secure connection, it guarantees operational reliability even under high tensile loads.

Two-wing thrust propeller with enormous mixing effect

Stainless steel design, self-cleaning, with high efficiency thanks to large diameter and special thrust edge.

MSXH for pits and slalom systems
MSXH for biogas plants
MSXH for pits and slalom systems
Submersible Mixer MSXH

MSXH for pits and slalom systems

Lifting- and lowering device for open and closed containers

  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Sturdy square guide tube with swivelling bottom bearing
  • Smooth-running spur-wheel rope winch, 900 kg gross load, including stainless steel rope, self-locking
  • All material in contact with medium is rust proof

Use in deep channel systems

Option: Height-adjustable stirring tunnel with back-up canvas plane ensuring optimum mixing effect.

Slalom system

Automatic homogenisation of the slurry in the ring channel by means of time clock control

  • Optimally stirred slurry at all times
  • Spreading possible at any time

Inclinable guide console

Allows to achieve an even better stirring effect and faster dissolution of floating and sinking layers.

MSXH for biogas plants
Bauer Tauchmotorrührwerk MSXH

MSXH for biogas plants

Lifting- and lowering device with gas-tight wall interface

  • Appropriate for submersible motor mixer MSXH 7.5 - 15 kW
  • Variable height adjustment of the control panel
  • Absolute tightness in the interface area
  • Easy operation and adjustment of the mixer
  • Optimum mixing of the fermentation substrate
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