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Optimal and fully automatic use of every field

Precision Corner System

BAUER corner systems stand for maximum precision and optimal use of space. They are used on irregularly shaped fields, where space for cultivating crops is scarce and expensive. It is all about optimally using every corner of the field. With corner systems, a round irrigation footprint can be made nearly square, and it is possible to irrigate zones at the ends of fields that cannot be reached with a pivot. If necessary, it is possible to work around buildings or other obstacles. In such complex conditions, the corner truly shows its strengths and offers a maximum return on investment. This fully automatic systems is controlled by GPS through Bauer’s Precision Corner software. Users benefit from maximized irrigation area and optimal yields.

Another advantage: Corner systems can also be retrofitted to existing BAUER pivot systems.

Why Corner-System?

  • Maximization of the irrigated area, especially with irregular field shapes
  • Obstacles can be left out
  • The scarcer the area, the more complex the field situation (obstacles), the higher the cost-efficiency
  • Up to 97% of the existing area can be irrigated
  • Fully automatic operation reduces labour costs to a minimum
  • Precision Farming: GPS control and VRI ensure maximum precision
  • Can be added to existing pivot systems
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Utilization of area

  • Optimal utilization of area thanks to the large offset of the corner span
  • Angle-dependent control of the nozzles and end guns.
  • CAN-Bus communication between the end tower, corner span and pivot tower.
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Corner drive tower

  • Speed-controlled drive for continuous propulsion and precise water distribution
  • Robust construction with exact steering - does not damage the ground or structure
  • Precise control via guideline as part of underground control system or via GPS control system
  • Self steering drive wheels
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Nozzle control via electronically controlled valves and intelligent software

The nozzle control ensures that irrigation only covers areas where it is really needed. Thanks to our intelligent nozzle control, zones can be irrigated with reduced precipitation or even be left out completely if this is necessary.

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